Egypt and Jordan to issue tenders to double the capacity of electricity line

Jordan and Egypt have agreed to double the capacity of an electricity line linking the two Middle Eastern nations from 500 MW to 1000MW, as both look for power export markets, tenders to be issued in two months.

Jordan’s energy minister and Egypt’s minister of electricity met in Amman, after which a joint statement was issued. The statement did not specify a time frame for the upgrade.

According to Jordan’s Energy Minister, Saleh Al Kharabsheh the two sides talked about their plans for electricity production, with Jordan planning to issue tenders in two months to link its network with neighboring Iraq. He also explained to his Egyptian counterpart “the extent or progress” in operations to link the Jordanian network with Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Jordan plans to export at least 150 megawatts of Jordanian electricity to Lebanon, which was finalized last month through an agreement with the Lebanese and Syrian governments. He said a final contract for the deal has been drafted.

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