EUR 200 million tender for Multilingual Communications awarded to Pomilio Blumm

Tender issued by the European Commission for €200 million over four years for the design and implementation of multilingual communication campaigns in all EU Member States has been awarded to Pomilio Blumm. The campaigns will focus on the policies, programmes and activities of the European Union under the responsibility of the participating institutions and bodies, with particular emphasis on its political priorities. Franco Pomilio, President of the agency called it a “project of gigantic proportions.”It is aimed at the market of over 500 million citizens, their objective is to expand into new partnerships with media centres that are able to offer international coverage in order to support the campaigns they are working on in the various continents.

The group is based in Pescara,Italy and is also responsible for organising and managing events at Expo 2020 Dubai on behalf of the European Union, which is a part of a €20 million framework agreement. They have also acquired new contracts for a total of over €130 million, which will be developed over the coming years.

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